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What is the meaning of censure in Hindi?

Meaning of censure in Hindi is : परिनिन्दा करना

Definition of word censure

  • The act of blaming, criticizing, or condemning as wrong; reprehension. (noun)
  • An official reprimand. (noun)
  • The state of excommunication. (noun)
  • to criticize harshly (verb)
  • to formally rebuke (verb)

Examples of word censure

  • Illustrations: A resolution of censure may be amended by striking out the word “censure” and inserting the word “thanks, ” for both relate to opinion of certain conduct; refusing to censure is not the same as expressing thanks.
  • In this way, from the beginning of the thirteenth century, although not expressly so stated in the decretals, the term censure became the equivalent of a certain class of ecclesiastical penalties, i.e., interdict, suspension, and excommunication.
  • The kid probably deserves First prize, but, by daring to attack the field of Goebbels Warming, probably managed to get a unique censure from the prize committee typically reserved for Science Fair projects that attempt to justify Eugenics or Lysenkoism — and totally unlike that kid who did a baking soda volcano and still got a “blue ribbon” … everyone gets an award these days, you know … unless their project is clearly unPC.
  • Much of the censure is coming from an "infrastructure ü ber alles" crowd that too readily ignores that the costs of these big projects are often grossly underestimated and their benefits significantly exaggerated.
  • Violation of that license board may result in censure or reprimand or license revocation.


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