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What is the meaning of certainty in Hindi?

Meaning of certainty in Hindi is : यथार्थता

Definition of word certainty

  • The state of being certain. (noun)
  • An instance of being certain. (noun)

Examples of word certainty

    • The other, which we call the certainty of adherence, is when the heart doth cleave and stick unto that which it doth believe.
    • But the certainty is unfortunately only deceptive.
    • "The most we can say with certainty is she's definitely comfortable with it ... and definitely family members do," he said.
    • On a young team in transition with a new general manager, the only certainty is change.
    • The racial barriers of the early 20th century are there, but there's that tone of moral certainty from the characters that rings through to nearly all who read it.


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