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What is the meaning of certified in Hindi?

Meaning of certified in Hindi is : प्रमाणित

Definition of word certified

  • Simple past tense and past participle of certify. (verb)

Examples of word certified

  • You can expect to see the same level of quality in certified child care when you move from one installation to another.
  • One of the buyers offered only $60 — significantly less than even its bullion melt value — for a 1925-D Indian Head $2.50 gold coin certified NGC MS66 and valued at $10,000 by PNG experts.
  • DGS offers a number of unique features including AuthentiView â„¢ and online Visual Population Report of every coin certified with a value over $100.
  • I am told to call the SAME number that DUE TO HIGH CALL VOLuME is UNABLE to take my call. as a panic result I have faxed correspondence and also sent same in certified us mail. now I am calling from out of state (as I am not able to pay rent in NJ without a job)
  • The progressively green line is available in certified plantation-teak, walnut, ash and oak woods – all solid.


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