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What is the meaning of cerulean in Hindi?

Meaning of cerulean in Hindi is : गहरा नीला

Definition of word cerulean

  • sky blue. (noun)
  • sky-blue. (adjective)

Examples of word cerulean

    • Although likely only a Duke grad would use the word "cerulean" in casual conversation, and although rumor has it that Nebiros was, in fact, a UNC fan, the correct answer is C.
    • In Paris nude statues are “draped in cerulean blue.”
    • It was odd, but she had always liked the word cerulean so much.
    • This time he addresses, among much else, the spread of neocon ideology, the reconstruction of Iraq and environmental desecration (there's a subplot involving a campaign to save a songbird called the cerulean warbler).
    • At the river, the Lady and Malcolm encounter the kind of cerulean blue sky that would have given John Constable palpitations.


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