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What is the meaning of chance in Hindi?

Meaning of chance in Hindi is : सांयोगिक

Definition of word chance

  • An opportunity or possibility. (noun)
  • Random occurrence; luck. (noun)
  • The probability of something happening. (noun)
  • To happen by chance, to occur. (verb)
  • To try or risk. (verb)
  • To discover something by chance. (verb)
  • happening by chance, casual (adjective)

Examples of word chance

  • Snow Potential Index: 5 ↑ - Little chance of snow Tuesday now, but *chance* of snow in the 12/24 to 12/26 time frame is real even if details fuzzy.
  • A 'chance remark' -- there is no _chance_ in a believer's life!
  • Then, with a chance to win, he struck a putt that never had a chance_ wide and nearly 12 inches shy of the cup.
  • (... there is SOO much in that * book*-if Twilight was already so big and there was such a big chance for dissapointment then there is going to be a HUGE * chance* ...)
  • The win by Iowa Western thwarted yet another title chance for San Jacinto, which has won more national titles (5) and been to JUCO more times (21) than any team in NJCAA Divison I baseball.


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