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What is the meaning of change in Hindi?

Meaning of change in Hindi is : हो जाना

Definition of word change

Examples of word change

  • The first is the offence of failing to see first that the movement can be made in safety (Turn/Change Lane Not in Safety* – $110 fine/$180 in a community safety zone) and the offence of failing to give a signal plainly visible to the operator of any other vehicle that may be affected by such movement (Fail to Signal Turn/Lane Change* – same fines).
  • _ Two to make one Change, and two another; which is however called _One double Change_, and not two
  • _Change, Change, Change_, and the sea gnaws on at the land:
  • Sales in constant Six Months currency Ended $Change % Change $Change % Change
  • Sales in constant currency Three Months $Change % Change $Change % Change


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