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What is the meaning of chapter in Hindi?

Meaning of chapter in Hindi is : समय/काल

Definition of word chapter

  • One of the main sections into which the text of a book is divided. (noun)
  • An administrative division of an organization, usually local to a specific area. (noun)
  • A sequence (of events), especially when presumed related and likely to continue. (noun)
  • To divide into chapters. (verb)
  • To put into a chapter. (verb)
  • To use administrative procedure to remove someone. (verb)

Examples of word chapter

  • $query3 = "SELECT recnum FROM basicinfo WHERE storyname = '$story_title' AND chapter = '$chapter' AND chapter_id = '$subchapter'";
  • It is also possible to navigate the message tree using a method on MbsElement (Listing getChild ( "XMLNSC"); $document = $xml - > getChild ( "document"); $chapter = $document - > getChild ( "chapter", 1); $title = $chapter - > getAttribute ( "title");
  • The story is called “The Longest Night” and the title chapter is “Awake”.
  • The title chapter of this book is unusual for its tone of prescriptiveness; Mr. Phillips becomes with this book a prophet of originality.
  • It's not often that a book makes me late for drinks with a friend, but I was in the middle of the title chapter of Anne DeGrace's latest novel


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