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What is the meaning of chargeable in Hindi?

Meaning of chargeable in Hindi is : व्य

Definition of word chargeable

  • That may be charged to an account. (adjective)
    उस खाते से शुल्क लिया जा सकता है।

Examples of word chargeable

  • The other option is to call a chargeable phone support.
  • But my older son has already learned to ask if the batteries inside a particular thing are "'chargeable" or not.
  • The side port is what Samsung calls 'chargeable' which means it supplies power even when the computer is off, meaning you can charge music players and mobile phones more easily, a nice touch, though it has to be enabled using a supplied program.
  • What they did: although the Citadel counselor's acts are chargeable as felonies in South Carolina the Citadel chose not to tell police.
  • Sina is learning to push campaigns out at peak times – 10 to 11.10am and 2 to 3.30pm – and is also looking at other chargeable service for brands.
  • Now don't get me wrong, Bahlul's conduct may very well have constituted any number of crimes chargeable in our regular federal courts, for example, conspiracy to kill U.S. civilians.
  • If we are to arrest Protestant terrorists who are not chargeable (for the same evidential reasons which lead us to resort to detention rather than prosecution for many Provisionals), then we need to extend our policy.