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What is the meaning of charged in Hindi?

Meaning of charged in Hindi is : भारित

Definition of word charged

  • Simple past tense and past participle of charge. (verb)

Examples of word charged

  • _upon all_, it were found that some of _such_ counts -- that is, that some of the misdemeanours -- charged, must be withdrawn from the consideration of the court, by reason of defects in either the counts themselves or the findings upon them, it cannot, in many cases, be supposed that the sentence could be the same as if the court had the duty thrown upon it of punishing _all the offences charged_.
  • Sue of Mission BC (12 / 21 / 08) i ordered a free trial of bromalite i was to be charged only the shipping fee of $4.95, i did not receive the free trial bottle but i was charged$ 63.82 on my credit card. i never received any product but they charged my credit card again. after calling them for so many days and not getting through i finally got to talk to someone. she cancelled for me but refused to give refund back. i explained to her that i did not receive any product so why was i being charged. she could not help me, i got charged on my credit card again. now i have cancelled my credit card
  • So, again, you can see -- we can see some very charged -- what they called charged smoke, some heavy smoke coming out of this.
  • How about “vehicle tax that has nothing to do with VMT other than the fact that what you get charged is entirely dependent upon how many miles the vehicle traveled and what kind of vehicle it is”?
  • He was spoiling for a fight that was 15 years in the future and probably never to happen — by the time prom dates start showing up, so much has taken place between father and daughter that the handoff, while charged, is more an enactment of an emotion than an experience of it — so the next thing you know, he pulls onto his street, comes across the photographer, and punches his lights out.