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What is the meaning of charm in Hindi?

Meaning of charm in Hindi is : सौम्यता

Definition of word charm

  • An object, act or words believed to have magic power. (noun)
  • The ability to persuade, delight or arouse admiration; often constructed in the plural. (noun)
  • A quantum number of hadrons determined by the quantity of charm quarks & antiquarks. (noun)
  • A small trinket on a bracelet or chain, etc. (noun)
  • To seduce, persuade or fascinate someone or something. (verb)
  • To use a magical charm upon someone/something. (verb)
  • The mixed sound of many voices, especially of birds or children. (noun)
  • A flock, group (especially of finches). (noun)

Examples of word charm

  • And no matter how odd my request seemed, * charm so Lupin can't read* I didn't tell him why I wanted one, just that I wanted one * ends charm* he let me have one!
  • It sent me to the hospital, got me addicted, and now i have to come back sometimes just to make sure im okay. * charm so gin can't read*They also suggested me to go into drug rehab, but I don't think i need it, really. * end charm*
  • That we broke up. * charm so nobody can read* you don't know how hard/weird that is to say. * end charm* but anyways, heres what it said.
  • WHATEVER!! hehe well I'm gunna * charm so ron can't read* PRETEND TO * end charm* sleep. .so bye! love you all ... some more then others ...
  • * charm so only people who know can read* I went to see Dr. Robinson again (ooc: that is if he's still around, jackie or hay, if hes not, let me know lol. thanks bunches) I can't believe that its almost been a year. my minds been elsewhere today*end charm** charm so only alyssa & em can read* Its almost been a year. god DAMNIT.


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