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What is the meaning of charming in Hindi?

Meaning of charming in Hindi is : सौम्य

Definition of word charming

  • pleasant, charismatic (adjective)
  • delightful in a playful way which avoids responsibility or seriousness, as if attracting through a magical charm (adjective)
  • Present participle of charm. (verb)

Examples of word charming

  • 'And I think it is _most_ charming, Mister Lushington; and I remember me now that Lady Fanny Errol, poor thing, said it would be a _charming_ sight.
  • I started getting sick all the time, had trouble sleeping and just wasn’t my usual…..charming….yeah, we’ll go with charming self.
  • Calling a video game cute is like calling a house charming in the real estate section of the newspaper, meaning that like charming is code for tiny, cute is usually code for a game for kids.
  • Here they reëmbarked, following a river of wonderful windings, and through a series of magnificent and beautiful lakes, and through a country which they described as charming in the extreme, until they entered the magnificent expanse of Green Bay, at its southern extremity.
  • But Benedict, however "charming," is still stifling theologians who challenge ideas about Catholicism, says Thomas Reese, a Jesuit priest and former editor of the Jesuit-owned magazine America.


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