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What is the meaning of chaste in Hindi?

Meaning of chaste in Hindi is : साध्वी

Definition of word chaste

  • abstaining from sexual intercourse, celibate (adjective)
  • virginal, innocent, having had no sexual experience (adjective)
  • simple, austere, undecorative (adjective)
  • modest, decent, morally pure (adjective)

Examples of word chaste

  • I know that the current view of sex is unbridled recreation, but that fact is the very reason why the word chaste is quasi obsolete and often equated with marital infidelity.
  • Pallotti offers this bit of ecclesiastical hokum as it if it made perfect, pious sense: the point of the program isn't celibacy "as much as creating what they call a chaste kind of life."
  • So as not to disturb this important natural phase of growth, parents will recognize that prudent formation in chaste love during this period should be indirect, in preparation for puberty, when direct information will be necessary. [more ...]
  • The girls try to remain chaste, but the boys have sex with them anyway: Rape.
  • How come the only organ the left insists be chaste is the lung?


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