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What is the meaning of chatter in Hindi?

Meaning of chatter in Hindi is : बड़बड़ाना

Definition of word chatter

  • talk, especially meaningless or unimportant talk (noun)
  • the sound of talking (noun)
  • the sound made by a magpie (noun)
  • an intermittent noise, as from vibration (noun)
  • in national security, the degree of communication between suspect groups and individuals, used to gauge the degree of expected terrorist activity. (noun)
  • To talk idly. (verb)
  • Of teeth, machinery, etc, to make a chattering noise. (verb)
  • one who chats (noun)
  • a user of chat rooms (noun)

Examples of word chatter

  • This chatter is all well and good, but the fact is while the Europeans played well Saturday, better than the Americans, they didn't make up all that much ground.
  • BLITZER: Is there increased what they call chatter right now around this anniversary of 9/11 that is causing experts counterterrorism experts in the U.S. government a little bit more heightened concerned?
  • M. O'BRIEN: And you know, of course, the intelligence agencies of the world are constantly dialed into what they call the chatter on this sort of thing.
  • Do you think this is true, that you know, we've heard so much about this term chatter, intelligence picked up through technical methods, that terrorists could actually be faking chatter to get us concerned?
  • ROCKEFELLER: I think lowering or raising of the alerts is the Justice Department function which depends upon what people are - what they call chatter, is that chatter being verified?