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What is the meaning of cheat in Hindi?

Meaning of cheat in Hindi is : व‌ंचित करना

Definition of word cheat

  • To violate rules in order to gain advantage from a situation. (verb)
  • To be unfaithful to one's spouse or partner. (verb)
  • To manage to avoid something even though it seemed unlikely. (verb)
  • To deceive; to fool; to trick. (verb)
  • Someone who cheats (informal: cheater). (noun)
  • A card game where the goal is to have no cards remaining in a hand, often by telling lies. (noun)
  • A hidden means of gaining an unfair advantage in a computer game, often by entering a cheat code. (noun)

Examples of word cheat

  • Some ministers of the Word cheat those they teach—actually steal their joy—by permitting them and often urging them to believe that the bulk of their lives must be shackled to the “secular,” while the “ministers” involve themselves in “the work of God.”
  • She does not use the word cheat, does not acknowledge the obvious betrayal.
  • Though Wozniacki did not use the word "cheat", she made it perfectly clear that the serial offenders had an unfair advantage over the rest.
  • F&S should not have to control cheaters. these guys are just like poachers, "if the DNR catches us, we'll stop". a cheat is a cheat caught or not. it's not about points, to me it's about looking over a lot of junk from the same 3-4 folks to find folks with real answers or questions.
  • But the Bush administration says has looked for a whole series of what it calls cheat and retreat deception from Iraq, as the United Nations faces the key decision point, as to whether to move to military confrontation.


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