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What is the meaning of cheating in Hindi?

Meaning of cheating in Hindi is : व‌ंचना

Definition of word cheating

  • An act of deception, fraud, trickery, imposture, or imposition. (noun)
  • Unsporting or underhand. (adjective)
  • Present participle of cheat. (verb)

Examples of word cheating

  • Mr Evans said: "My reference to the word cheating was an inappropriate term to use," he said.
  • Mousavi, himself, has written an open letter to the people of Iran, congratulating them for their high and historic turnout and condemning what he calls the cheating, the official manipulation of the results.
  • A Democratic senator who blasts the White House for failing to take on what he calls cheating China.
  • For to himself, to his own thinking, that which we call cheating was not dishonesty.
  • Under pressure from the right-wing press to call those who fiddle benefits "cheats" literally, there have been tabloid articles demanding to know why he will not use the word "cheating" to describe welfare fraud, Mr Miliband laid into the whole benefit system in a way that would not raise too many eyebrows at a Conservative conference:
  • "The alleged use of the word 'cheating' appears to have been injudicious, as well as inaccurate; we shall investigate this further."
  • And if calling a relationship "open" takes the term cheating and turns it into "being free," think swingers then maybe its not such a bad idea after all.