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What is the meaning of check off in Hindi?

Meaning of check off in Hindi is :

Definition of word check off

  • the collection of union dues or other fees from employees via deductions from their wages (noun)

Examples of word check off

  • While I agree with raising the subsidization exemptions up to a point far short of doubling, to completely ignore the other "checkoff" group – seniors and blind – is absolutely wrong.
  • Bush's new proposal for an income-tax "checkoff," which would devote 10 percent of tax returns to shrinking the deficit, sounds gimmicky to cynical Washington ears, but it's exactly the sort of Perot-style starvation diet that deserves serious debate.
  • But the justices and the opinion of Justice Anthony Kennedy, writing for the court, said that the campuses could adopt, if they chose to, some kind of checkoff system, whereby the students would checkoff those organizations they chose to support through their activity fees.
  • Texas pecan promotion programs are financed through an assessment, or '' checkoff '' on pecan sales from growers to first handlers; growers with 500 pecan trees or more and at least 15 acres are required to pay the assessment.
  • Looking to raise money to care for unwanted retired Thoroughbreds, The Jockey Club announced a new "checkoff" program of voluntary contributions beginning in January.
  • His proposal would raise the checkoff to $10 and provide up to $300 million in public funds to White House candidates who agree to accept contributions no larger than $500 and to refuse donations from lobbyists and political action committees.
  • The bill recently enacted by the Republican Wisconsin legislature and currently on hold pending the appeal of a court decision that it was passed illegally, not only strips public employees of the right to bargain collectively, but sharply curtails their union of resources by eliminating the union checkoff.
  • "The beauty of the tax checkoff program is that ... regardless of their income or the amount they give, every taxpayer can feel like they are making a real difference," states Jon Pushkin, spokesperson for Checkoff Colorado, which was the first state checkoff program instituted.
  • On a mostly party-line vote of 239 to 160, the House approved a measure that would eliminate the checkoff Americans can mark on their federal income tax forms to make a $3 donation toward presidential contests.
  • They can also pressure unions by revoking privileges such as the employer-collected dues checkoff.


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