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What is the meaning of cheerful in Hindi?

Meaning of cheerful in Hindi is : हर्ष

Definition of word cheerful

  • Noticeably happy and optimistic. (adjective)
  • Bright and pleasant (adjective)

Examples of word cheerful

    • Someone was about to laugh, but the captain snapped: This is what I call a cheerful state of affairs.
    • “He is not absolutely drunk,” said Hart, “but is what he terms cheerful; that is, ripe for a row, as we say; he will, therefore, attack his wife, unless hindered; so get them off as fast as you can.”
    • Houses in cheerful colors line a street in the Mexican river port town of Tlacotalpan, Veracruz.
    • But I must yield in cheerful obedience to the "powers that be"; and to warn you against the anxieties which my delay might cause in your mind, whe
    • Hope you would have enjoyed your long break in cheerful way.


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