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What is the meaning of chesterfield in Hindi?

Meaning of chesterfield in Hindi is : लंबी गद्दीदार चारपाई

Definition of word chesterfield

  • A couch, sofa, or loveseat with padded arms and back of the same height, often curved outward at the top. (noun)
  • Any couch or sofa. (noun)

Examples of word chesterfield

    • HELEN O'NEILL _seated above table; _ MISS EASTWOOD _seated below console table_ R. _end of chesterfield; _ ROSALIE _seated_ C. _chesterfield; _
    • (DUNN _exits_ L. DONOHUE _crosses up_ R. _end of chesterfield to chest up_ R., _starts to cross_ L. _below chesterfield_.
    • BUT, the cool thing was i was watching this movie in chesterfield, mo and a young couple come in and sit 5 rows in front of us, as i looked toward them i did a double-take because it couldn't be who i thought it was …. then i noticed his arm in a sling and that confirmed it … … as he walked out to get his pregnant wife some popcorn i hollared HEY RANDY 'with a smile he looked toward me and waved … .i followed him outside to an empty lobby and talked to one of the nicest people i had ever met … …. he was former WWE Champ RANDY ORTON!!!!!! im pretty sure he hated the movie too ..
    • There was no centre table and no cabinet, but a deep, comfortable sofa, which Ellen called a chesterfield, and a "cosy corner," and a Sheraton bureau, and a Sheraton china-cupboard with glass doors.
    • In England, a Davenport with arms and back of the same height in buttoned leather is also referred to as a chesterfield sofa.


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