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What is the meaning of chevalier in Hindi?

Meaning of chevalier in Hindi is : वीर पुरुष

Definition of word chevalier

  • A cavalier; a knight. (noun)
  • In tarot cards, the card between the valet and the dame (noun)

Examples of word chevalier

    • The chevalier was the second son of a French gentleman of large estates in France, who had been some years deceased.
    • Peregrine, not a little piqued to hear the qualifications of such a celebrated actor in England treated with such freedom and disrespect, answered, with some asperity, that the chevalier was a true critic, more industrious in observing the blemishes than in acknowledging the excellence of those who fell under his examination.
    • “The chevalier is a fool!” declared Martial promptly.
    • The chevalier is a great soldier and the bravest of men, but he has one fault.
    • He noticed also that while the others were drinking wine, although he himself did not, the chevalier was the only one within his view who also abstained.


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