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What is the meaning of chevy in Hindi?

Meaning of chevy in Hindi is : शिकार करना

Definition of word chevy

  • A Chevrolet car. (noun)

Examples of word chevy

  • A dunk is what we called a Chevy Impala or similar car.
  • We have been told by people at the "DMV" in my wife's home town that it will be possible since the Chevy is a '95.
  • With thirty years of dust and dirt on that green army tarp And when I pulled the cover off, it took away my breath What she called a Chevy was a sixty six Corvette I felt a little guilty as
  • A second neurologist, in Chevy Chase, seemed similarly baffled.
  • John T. Bentivoglio, a lawyer who is a volunteer firefighter and emergency medical technician in Chevy Chase and whose team at Skadden Arps put in more than 1,000 hours of pro bono work on the case, called the result "a stunning victory."