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What is the meaning of child in Hindi?

Meaning of child in Hindi is : सन्तान

Definition of word child

Examples of word child

  • _Amy Duny_ looking after her Child one Day in her absence, did at her return confess, that she had _given suck to the Child_: (tho 'she were an Old Woman:) Whereat, when _Durent_ expressed her displeasure, _Duny_ went away with Discontents and Menaces.
  • "Once Upon A Child stores provide parents with a practical solution to their constantly growing children's needs," said Susan Baustian, director of the Once Upon A Child® brand.
  • The child was taken into the custody of Child and Family Services after being assessed in hospital, said Insp. Rob Williams.
  • Too many people today use the term Child abuse and it's losing it's real meaning .. you spank a child .. it's child abuse. you ground a child, the child says "I am being abused".
  • Many of the agencies specialize in what they call Child Custody, when what they probably mean is Child Custody Cases, since none strikes me as suitable for babysitting services.
  • David Just, co-director of the Cornell Center for Behavioral Economics in Child Nutrition, pointed out that Taste is a suggestion more than anything else.
  • Thanks to the blog Julie/Julia and the book of the same title, Julia Child is in all of our imaginations right now (thank you, Julie Powell — if you have not read her original blog, I highly recommend starting at the beginning here).
  • A Lucky Child is a book that demands to be read by all.
  • Ybarra, who spoke at a 2009 Congressional briefing arranged by The Alliance for Racial Equity in Child Welfare, teared up as she explained that she had to divorce her husband of 23 years so his legal problems wouldn't prevent her from having the kids.