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What is the meaning of chipper in Hindi?

Meaning of chipper in Hindi is :

Definition of word chipper

  • Pertaining to a lively optimism, high spirits, cheerfulness (adjective)
  • (slang) A fish and chips shop, or more generally a cheap fast food outlet, typically selling chips and other deep-fried foods. (noun)

Examples of word chipper

    • Though certainly not the only chipping-away tools - some would hold that Honest Abe was the chief "chipper" - the rush to certify a non-complier / qualifier as commander in chief may turn out to be the most damaging yet.
    • First Impression: Dottie is described as a chipper and talkative older woman who’s sort of round, very sweet, and not really hip.
    • But the overall mood of the show is, by far, less chipper, which is a compliment, not a complaint.
    • But he sounds chipper, which is a good sign .... by Eric Earling, 02: 47 PM, 18 Comments
    • I spoke to him this morning, and he said he feels "chipper," although he had a central line put in last night, and that's been bleeding fairly steadily.
    • But these two, who I respect a lot, had the impression of me as always cheerful, "chipper" if you will.
    • Wimsey may have only played at being the kind of chipper-but-clueless fop that Bertie actually was, but ultimately the codes of the Woosters and the Wimseys are one in the same.