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What is the meaning of chirpy in Hindi?

Meaning of chirpy in Hindi is : बकवादी

Definition of word chirpy

  • In a good mood; happy and energetic. (adjective)
  • An electronic device which uses a piezoelectric transducer to make chirping noise, often designed to be hidden and function as an annoyance (noun)

Examples of word chirpy

    • Did anyone before Tarantino deal in chirpy hitmen?
    • Twenty-four hours later, after what he termed "chirpy Blackburn fans" responded in kind, he decided to quit the social networking site, although the decision is thought to owe more to abuse his outspoken wife, Emma, has received in recent weeks."
    • He has dubbed the chirpy little hy-line brown chicken "Drumstick" on account of her unexplained extra limbs.
    • There is a lot of dialogue to sift through, and since the characters just speak a chirpy brand of gibberish, you'll be doing a good bit of reading.
    • Their chatter forms a kind of chirpy white noise, occasionally interrupted by the distinctive slapping sound of vomit hitting the platform tile.
    • The prepubescent network hostess, a kind of chirpy pre-teen Palestinian Rachel Maddow introduces Assud to the loyal viewership.
    • True, the sunglasses he often favours add a modern touch but, at bottom, Swann's the kind of chirpy Englishman familiar from so many classic Second World War movies.