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What is the meaning of chitter in Hindi?

Meaning of chitter in Hindi is : चिटर

Definition of word chitter

  • To make a series of high-pitched sounds; to twitter, chirp or chatter. (verb)
  • To shiver or chatter with cold. (verb)

Examples of word chitter

    • The moment his eyes fell upon madam of the fluffy hair, he burst out with a loud, rapid woodpecker "chitter," gradually growing higher in key and louder in tone.
    • Assistant Commissioner Lynne Owens told the panel that "chitter chatter" emerged of planned rioting and looting in Stratford, East London, the location of the Olympic site.
    • Yes | No | Report from shermanator wrote 7 weeks 2 days ago thats how i do it i walk and stop and listen if i hear chitter chatter i look or like he said corn works great man it is fun and i hate to say it its pretty good eating
    • They gasp, Helena with them, and chitter amongst themselves.
    • Hello and good morning and welcome to this January 23rd edition of your Sunday morning liveblog of these political chitter-chat shows that we are forced to contend with in order to understand the minds of your political figures (addled) and the men and women who cover them (needy).


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