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What is the meaning of chivvy in Hindi?

Meaning of chivvy in Hindi is :

Definition of word chivvy

  • To subject to harassment or verbal abuse. (verb)
  • A goad. (noun)

Examples of word chivvy

    • The nationwide vaccine campaign was deemed superfluous on the basis that it was for them to chivvy vulnerable patients into getting the jab.
    • Given so many of us have our own private health and fitness goals it might help to chivvy people along.
    • So what can be done to chivvy along a reclusive pop genius?
    • He doles out brisk advice and the occasional terse chivvy.
    • If Cameron wants to liven things up, he should chivvy his hosts on a more intriguing question.
    • Walking on will only disturb them again and again, and having no wish to chivvy them the length of the beach we detour along the track through the dunes, regaining the sands with the gulls behind us and miles of beach ahead.
    • As the tension eased he jerked his head, and warily the toughs began to chivvy the laborers into the trucks again.
    • Soon after we arrived, when Joe had gone below stairs to chivvy the porters about our bags, and Annette and I were alone, I excused myself to visit the privy along the way.
    • To chivvy the unconjugal to conjugate may to be store up greater unhappiness.
    • Both are keen to promote excellence in schools, and this week Hunt asked Gove to chivvy academies where they "are onaverage teaching one third less GCSEs in history and geography" than bog-standard comprehensives.