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What is the meaning of chloroform in Hindi?

Meaning of chloroform in Hindi is : स‌ंमोहिनी साधन करना

Definition of word chloroform

  • A halogenated hydrocarbon, trichloromethane, CHCl3; it is a volatile, sweet-smelling liquid, used extensively as a solvent and formerly as an anesthetic. (noun)
  • To treat with chloroform, or to render unconscious with chloroform. (verb)

Examples of word chloroform

    • According to Mr. Bradley, chief software developer of CacheBack, used by the police to verify the computer searches, the term "chloroform" was searched once through Google.
    • In it, Bradley said the prosecution's claim that Anthony had conducted extensive searches for the word "chloroform" had been based on inaccurate data.
    • But I have never heard the word chloroform except on the television, but you ` re jumping to the conclusion that it was her that had the chloroform and that it was her that ...
    • And really, these are not optimal specimens for looking for chloroform, which is a volatile substance, meaning that it quickly dissipates into the air.
    • PADILLA: Well, I didn ` t say that the chloroform was her search.


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