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What is the meaning of chooser in Hindi?

Meaning of chooser in Hindi is :

Definition of word chooser

  • one who chooses something (noun)

Examples of word chooser

  • The infringer -- who steals gags and points bodily -- can be pursued and punished under the copyright law, but the chooser is a kind of sneak thief who works gags and points around to escape taking criminal chances, making his material just enough different to evade the law.
  • The "chooser" in the old Mac platform used to be the kind of thing I could (and did) explain to my grandmother, but the OS X Print Center is a giant, non-intuitive pain the ass.
  • Now here's the way I once heard a 'chooser' [1] do it.
  • The first appearance of the hairetikos anthropos, the "chooser" of his own way rather than the common sense of the Church, is in Tit. iii.
  • Mobile WiFI Stumbler is "finer-grain" than the WiFI detecting and reporting displayed by the "chooser" applications on most WiFI-enabled devices, Biswas notes.


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