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What is the meaning of chuckle in Hindi?

Meaning of chuckle in Hindi is : हर्ष प्रकट करना

Definition of word chuckle

  • A quiet laugh. (noun)
  • To laugh quietly or inwardly. (verb)
  • Sounds made by chicken. (verb)

Examples of word chuckle

  • * chuckle, chuckle* by Tom Murphy on Monday, Dec 8, 2008 at 2: 53: 02 PM
  • Thompson is such a wry, friendly presence that his every utterance draws a chuckle from the faithful (most of the time a deserved one, though sometimes he'll say "thanks" and they'll still be in stitches).
  • What makes me chuckle is how Microsoft Excel has become the modern-day weapon of choice for any discerning would-be Senior Leadership Team ‘member’ – there are spreadsheets for this, spreadsheets for that – hell, they probably even have starched spreadsheets on their beds.
  • Also recommended, if you like a good chuckle is his Nobel-nominated novel “The Phases of Harry Moon,” which you can find if you look.
  • The latest chuckle from the radical right lobbying group "Family Research Council", via their email update list today: In a tale of ironic tragedy a new study reveals that the Democratic Party is literally killing its political base.


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