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What is the meaning of churning in Hindi?

Meaning of churning in Hindi is : विलोड़ित

Definition of word churning

  • Present participle of churn. (verb)
  • The act by which something is churned. (noun)

Examples of word churning

    • Whether from the boat in churning seas or the driftwood lined shores of the Pacific Northwest she never misses a beat -- or a downed bird.
    • House GOP leaders are ready to immediately begin churning out bills to make good on their campaign promises to tea-party activists — even if they are doomed to fail in the Senate.
    • TV writers and producers seem to lose touch with the real power of storytelling as they get further emeshed in churning out product.
    • So they do have a history in churning out decent spoof movies.
    • "Butter churning is typically a female activity," Green explained.
    • But he seems to be taking up a sideline in churning out farcical, desperate attempts to demonstrate the harms of atheism now too.
    • Down a short hill from our cabin, Grand Lake Stream flowed frothing and churning from the outlet dam on West Grand Lake.
    • “Such are the fortunes of Mr. Mezrich, 34, who, in churning out a kind of impressionistic nonfiction set in the circle of well-educated young men and their adventures in wealth-building, has created the genre analogue to what publishers call chick lit,” writes Ginia Bellafante.