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What is the meaning of ciphered in Hindi?

Meaning of ciphered in Hindi is :

Definition of word ciphered

  • Simple past tense and past participle of cipher. (verb)

Examples of word ciphered

  • He informed me about his excellent progress in a meticulously ciphered message that came by email last week.
  • In the cipher's most developed state, the first word of a ciphered message was a key word, indicating the number of columns and lines into which the subsequent words needed to be arranged as well as the route for reading them correctly.
  • The elimination of the troublesome Catholic exile Reginald Pole was an idea cooked up by Wyatt and others in 1539; some ciphered letters remain, and some loose talk about the efficacy of quick-acting "Spanish poison", but it was more of a notional chess move than a genuine plot and nothing came of it.
  • The BBC News reported that the novel is “believed to focus on freemasonry, with the lost symbol of the title a reference to a ciphered pictogram in an ancient book called The Key of Solomon.”
  • There would be money for the National Endowment for the Arts, Head Start, unemployment insurance, renewable energy subsidies, turtle crossings, a fund for federal bureaucrats to purchase a new fleet of cars, a bailout of the pork industry how appropriate, new labor union jobs, and housing aid that would be ciphered through corrupt left-wing “welfare lobby groups” like ACORN.


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