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What is the meaning of circumstantial in Hindi?

Meaning of circumstantial in Hindi is : संयोगवश

Definition of word circumstantial

  • Pertaining to or dependent on circumstances, especially as opposed to essentials; incidental, not essential. (adjective)
  • Abounding with circumstances; detailing or exhibiting all the circumstances; minute; particular. (adjective)
  • Full of circumstance or pomp; ceremonial. (adjective)
  • Something incidental to the main subject, but of less importance; opposed to an essential; -- generally in the plural; as, the circumstantials of religion. (noun)

Examples of word circumstantial

  • The word circumstantial was bounced around harder than a cricket ball.
  • We have nothing but what they call circumstantial evidence.
  • BANFIELD: Yes, that's what you call circumstantial evidence.
  • That's what we call circumstantial evidence of cheating -- or, if we are "culturally sensitive," we call it "cooperating."
  • "Theer wor what they call circumstantial evidence to show how all t 'affair happened!"


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