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What is the meaning of cist in Hindi?

Meaning of cist in Hindi is : प्राचीन काल की समाधि

Definition of word cist

  • A small receptacle for sacred utensils carried in festivals in ancient Greece (noun)
  • A crypt cut into rock, chalk, or a tree trunk, especially a coffin formed by placing stone slabs on edge and topping them with a horizontal slab or slabs. (noun)

Examples of word cist

    • So "cist" may seem to imply acting against something when one is actually tolerant and peaceable while having a personal belief system.
    • Ray Cist: get the "cist" out of your eyes and open them, there are Mexicans all over Washington Ave.
    • Firstly are you r-cist YOU state racially foreigners are of lesser value, you dont like the comparison, when you became British did your DNA mutate, when YOU look abroad you look down on foreigners.
    • Just a few pictures of Inhofe being as dumb as he is, or of Sessions calling Sotomayor a ra-cist in his Southern accent would probably be enough … Really the Republicans must have someone with half a brain in the wings?
    • Again, about the most that can be said is that it would not be out of place for an early medieval Christian living at Birdoswald to be buried in a long cist grave.


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