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What is the meaning of clamour in Hindi?

Meaning of clamour in Hindi is : होहल्ला

Definition of word clamour

  • Alternative spelling of clamor. (noun)
  • Alternative spelling of clamor. (verb)

Examples of word clamour

    • Richard rocking with the radium – urgent passion of the night: the huge, desirous swing, the call clamour, the low hiss of retreat.
    • In spite of an agreement that would have permitted nine minor professionals to play for Canada in 1970, this body changed its decision to satisfy the clamour from the Russians.
    • Flying waterfalls and rolling torrents outdo one another in clamour and confusion;
    • But there was no clamour from the five groups that discussed in earnest undertones the question of "to be or not to be."
    • The impotent malice of those that can but censure, and revile, and clamour, is sometimes more formidable even to wise and good men than one would think.
    • Gharib’s horsemen fell on those of Jamrkan and slew fifty of them: the rest fled; nor did they cease flying till they reached their tribal camp and raised their voices in clamour; whereupon all who were in the Castle came out to meet them and asked the news.
    • In public deliberations, therefore, his voice is little heard and less regarded, except upon some particular occasions when his clamour is animated, set on, and supported by his employers, not for his, but their own particular purposes.
    • I recall the clamour and the clapping that came from the science community when a commonality 'bus' was proposed with man-tending for all LEO science missions and the Tug was designed to facilitate access for robotic tending in higher orbits, lifted and deployed from LEO by Shuttle and returned to earth for reuse.
    • The only sound I heard in all the clamour was the tread of our feet on the cobbles, and the breathing of Richard Byron beside me.