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What is the meaning of clarionet in Hindi?

Meaning of clarionet in Hindi is : क्लैरिओनेट

Definition of word clarionet

  • A clarinet. (noun)

Examples of word clarionet

  • The other is called Jaina, and is a rude kind of clarionet made from a reed.
  • The _Jaina_ appears to be of more modern origin; it is a rude kind of clarionet, made from a reed.
  • He delivered lectures upon geography and astronomy: those who could play instruments, such as clarionet, fife, and violin, were stationed on the deck, while the rest marched in ranks.
  • And halting as he was on the point of setting out: — “By the way, you will give me his gun!” and he added: “I leave you the musician, but I want the clarionet.”
  • Only a blind musician, on the scaffolding of the orchestra, went on playing a shrill tune on his clarionet.


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