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What is the meaning of class in Hindi?

Meaning of class in Hindi is : सर्वोत्कृष्ठ

Definition of word class

  • A group, collection, category or set sharing characteristics or attributes. (noun)
  • A social grouping, based on job, wealth, etc. In Britain, society is commonly split into three main classes; upper class, middle class and working class. (noun)
  • The division of society into classes. (noun)
  • Admirable behavior; elegance. (noun)
  • A group of students in a regularly scheduled meeting with a teacher. (noun)
  • A series of classes covering a single subject. (noun)
  • A group of students who commenced or completed their education during a particular year. A school class. (noun)
  • A category of seats in an airplane, train or other means of mass transportation. (noun)
  • A rank in the classification of organisms, below phylum and above order; a taxon of that rank. (noun)
  • Best of its kind. (noun)
  • A collection of sets definable by a shared property. (noun)
  • A group of people subject to be conscripted in the same military draft, or more narrowly those persons actually conscripted in a particular draft. (noun)
  • A set of objects having the same behavior (but typically differing in state), or a template defining such a set. (noun)
  • To assign to a class. (verb)
  • To be grouped or classed. (verb)
  • great; fabulous (adjective)

Examples of word class

  • Ministers, as a class, know less practically of human nature than any other _class_ of men.
  • (Possibly events of the past year or two mark the beginning of the waning of the powers of monopolists, and of the partial transfer of those powers to a capitalistic middle class; but exploitation of _the working class_ continues under such new masters no less vigorously than before.)
  • Java里也有两个让初学者容易混淆的概念:nest class and inner class。 nest class就是static inner class,
  • It also sets the CSS class to the current value of the cssClass property (which is stored in the private field this. _class).
  • MsgBox, \% ErrorLevel\% ` n\%A_index\% ` n\%ErrorName\% ` n\%active_id\% if winnotexist "ahk_class \% class\%" run, \% name\%, \% dir\%, ,OutputVarPID wingetclass, class, \% outputvarpid\%


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