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What is the meaning of classed in Hindi?

Meaning of classed in Hindi is : वर्गीकृत

Definition of word classed

  • Simple past tense and past participle of class. (verb)

Examples of word classed

  • Sterne from his continuator, this is, of course, to be classed from the German point of view at that time as a borrowing from
  • This will add the Zoom Effect to any a tag classed with zoom, and will show content relating to the id referenced in the href of the a tag.
  • And the man, if such there be, who was born on this soil and sprung from such an ancestry as the early colonial settlers and United Empire Loyalists, or from the loins of settlers of a later generation, who is not proud of his country and of being called a British American, is unworthy of his race and the land of his birth, and unworthy of having his name classed with that of the noble Iroquois (Paul Guidon.)
  • Shpack is herein classed Russian for lack of a more adequate term; for Shpack's father, a Slavonic convict from the Lower Provinces, had escaped from the quicksilver mines into Northern Siberia, where he knew Zimba, who was a woman of the Deer People and who became the mother of Shpack, who became the grandfather of Jees Uck. Now had not Shpack been captured in his boyhood by the Sea People, who fringe the rim of the Arctic Sea with their misery, he would not have become the grandfather of Jees Uck and there would be no story at all.
  • In short, M. Charcot places hypnotism in the same category of nervous affections in which hysteria and finally hallucination (medically considered) are to be classed, that is to say, as a nervous weakness, not to say a disease.


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