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What is the meaning of cleave in Hindi?

Meaning of cleave in Hindi is : विभाजित करना

Definition of word cleave

  • To cling, adhere or stick fast to something; used with to or unto. (verb)
  • Flat, smooth surface produced by cleavage, or any similar surface produced by similar techniques, as in glass. (noun)

Examples of word cleave

    • The word "occupy" is a bit like the word "cleave," which, as Alan Watts was fond of pointing out, has two meanings, one of which is the precise opposite of the other.
    • Like the word "cleave," there are two meanings involved in the word "occupy," one of which is the exact opposite of the other.
    • The word cleave denotes a union of the firmest kind.
    • Greenberg, while seeing no hint of an erotic bond in this story, sees the word cleave in Ruth 1: 14, and the similarity of Ruth's forceful language in expressing the willingness to stay, as indicating an "erotic pull."