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What is the meaning of clicko in Hindi?

Meaning of clicko in Hindi is :

Definition of word clicko

  • Extremely good or successful. (adjective)
  • An extremely successful production; a hit. (noun)
  • The inadvertent depressing of a computer mouse button on a wrong selection. (noun)

Examples of word clicko

  • Just clicko n the "'' 'edit this page' ''" tab at the top of the page, and you anyc hanges you want to, and put a short explanation in the small field below the edit-box.
  • Go back to the entrance of the cave. clicko on the dead guinea pig to put honey on its mouth and tehn click on it again to grab it. go to the right the bird will attack you and get your guinea pig, but clicking on the cactus you'll get your hand protected, and will be able to go to the entrance and take a fire bug. grab it and go back to the bird, click on it, and it will let your guinea pig fall.


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