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What is the meaning of climb in Hindi?

Meaning of climb in Hindi is : सामाजिक पद पर उन्नति करना

Definition of word climb

  • To ascend; rise; to go up. (verb)
    चढ़ना; वृद्धि; ऊपर जाना।
  • An act of climbing. (noun)
    चढ़ने की क्रिया।

Examples of word climb

    • By land it would not be more than an hour's climb; but then a _climb_ it must be, and this was almost impossible under the circumstances; whilst, on the other hand, with the wind no longer in our favour, it would be a good two hours getting back by water, and there was the anxiety of not being able to let my father know.
    • Because reaching the top of Kilimanjaro doesn't require technical climbing skills, the climb is attracting growing numbers of inexperienced hikers like us.
    • His only worry about the climb is the last leg because it will be at night and the dark weakens his ability to find his balance.
    • Sparano says that as tough as it was to climb from the NFL basement into a playoff team last season, taking the next step to be a consistent, legitimate contender might be a harder task.
    • One little-remarked fact about the 1982-2000 stock market climb is that housing values did relatively poorly over that period, so that in many locations the ratio of prices to rents fell below the rule of the 300.
    • To what depths must we worm before we awaken and climb from the dark soil and into the cleansing sun and abandon our madness?
    • In the Afternoon we again climb'd to the same situation, when a
    • NPD says the average selling prices for all mobile phones hit $88 during the first quarter, a 5% climb from the same period in 2009.