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What is the meaning of closed in Hindi?

Meaning of closed in Hindi is : सीमित

Definition of word closed

  • Sealed, made inaccessible or impassable; not open (adjective)
    मुहरबंद, दुर्गम या अगम्य बनाया गया; खुला नहीं
  • Simple past tense and past participle of close. (verb)

Examples of word closed

    • The only closed economy is the world economy, and if a U.S. default drives a rethink of all investment in government debt around the world, the “closed economy” will thrive as limited capital flows to the enterprising instead of the profligate.
    • The hands _tyned, tened_, closed, or shut in, signified _ten_; for there numeration _closed_.
    • There is a _supply_-cock, opened and an _escape_-cock closed, and an escape-cock _opened_ and a supply-cock _closed_, at each end of the tube, _every time the lever is moved_.
    • Think you I will let them be closed -- be _closed_ again? "
    • When the label closed in 2009, Mr. Gurung got right to work on his first collection, for Spring 2010.
    • CLOSED: The term closed denotes that the wine is not showing its potential, which remains locked in because the wine is too young.