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What is the meaning of clothe in Hindi?

Meaning of clothe in Hindi is : ढका होना

Definition of word clothe

  • To adorn or cover with clothing; to dress; to supply clothes or clothing. (verb)

Examples of word clothe

  • It may be well here to clothe the Latin words of the Pope and the assembled Bishops in an English dress.
  • But in God's name clothe her for the daylight in decency.
  • For all of you who have been baptized clothe yourselves with Christ.
  • He was the prettiest baby we ever had, too, except -- except Edith, of course. An 'after Austin we didn't even bring up the subject again -- we was pretty well occupied wonderin' how we was goin 'to feed an' clothe 'em all, let alone havin 'pictures of' em.
  • Isn't it possible that GOD ALMIGHTY can 'clothe' HIMSEFL in such a way that we humans can behold HIM in a safe and comfortable manner?


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