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What is the meaning of clouded in Hindi?

Meaning of clouded in Hindi is : मेघाच्छादित

Definition of word clouded

  • Filled with clouds. (adjective)
  • Unknown, surrounded in mystery. (adjective)
  • Simple past and past participle of cloud. (verb)

Examples of word clouded

  • His expression clouded, and she heard a tremor in his voice.
  • Parker was smiling smugly, but then, predictably, his expression clouded.
  • LH closer Eddie Guardado looked like he was the answer, saving eight of his first 10 chances, but a season-ending injury again clouded the picture.
  • His expression clouded at the dryness of her tone.
  • For a moment his expression clouded, and Di sensed that he was struggling with himself.


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