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What is the meaning of co opt in Hindi?

Meaning of co opt in Hindi is :

Definition of word co opt

  • Alternative spelling of co-opt. (verb)

Examples of word co opt

  • Hariri was able to "coopt" him very early on, and he was able to promote Hariri and facilitate his rise in Lebanese politics, long before people knew who Rafiq Hariri was.
  • Authoritarian governments in places like Burma and Russia are hostile to non-governmental activity or seek to coopt it by creating their own "civic" organizations called GONGOS or government organized non-governmental organizations.
  • Despite trying to coopt their support, Haddon is not a Tea Partier.
  • Unlike in Tatarstan or Bashkortostan, where Soviet leaders had sought to coopt potential nationalists by creating a caste of indigenous apparatchiks, Chechens and Ingush received no affirmative action.
  • I do sympathize with you (and Homer) - hell, if any of the real people from the Romance of Three Kingdoms are probably rolling over in their graves after seeing what video games have done to their likenesses - but I think there's a primal human desire to coopt, adapt, and create anew.
  • While the first line of Wall Street's defense of its dictatorship is the more openly right wing, hard-line approach of trying to downplay and attack Occupy Wall Street thru any and all physical, political and media means, the next stage of defense will be subtler- and Democrat-led: try to divide and coopt the movement.