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What is the meaning of coddle in Hindi?

Meaning of coddle in Hindi is : सेव

Definition of word coddle

  • To treat gently or with great care. (verb)
  • An Irish dish comprising layers of roughly sliced pork sausages and bacon rashers with sliced potatoes and onions. (noun)

Examples of word coddle

    • Elsewhere, Hastert said the Democratic plan would "coddle" -- oh, how they love to accuse others of coddling -- "the same terrorists who plan to harm innocent Americans and their freedom worldwide."
    • Wanting to see the law respected is not the same as wanting to "coddle" our enemies.
    • One Afghan politician believes that, while Gen. David Petraeus will almost certainly pursue a counterinsurgency strategy similar to his predecessor's, he will be less inclined to "coddle" Karzai on corruption than McChrystal was.
    • Clinton wasn't going to "coddle" Beijing dictators, remember?
    • The CEO of Google, Eric Schmidt, has said that he now has to "coddle" his employees, and even the U.S. military has encouraged its drillmasters to do less shouting because, according to Under Secretary of Defense David Chu, today's generation of recruits respond better to instructors who play "a more counseling-type role."
    • As Republicans tell it, anyone who votes against legalizing Bush's surveillance and detainee treatment programs is voting to '' coddle '' terrorists.
    • Look Sarah, I am sorry if you think it is the right thing to do to "coddle" a person under ...
    • Look Sarah, I am sorry if you think it is the right thing to do to "coddle" a person under the age of 18 by treating them with "kids gloves" in your response to them on here.