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What is the meaning of coexist in Hindi?

Meaning of coexist in Hindi is : सहवर्ती होना

Definition of word coexist

  • To exist contemporaneously or in the same area. (verb)

Examples of word coexist

  • Maybe he was trying to find that "crepuscular" place where left and right brain coexist in a harmonious union.
  • Which means I have to think through the plots first, then worry about how Taylor and Baldwin coexist within them.
  • The conviction that no way can be found for Israel and the Palestinians to coexist is strongest in Morocco (90 percent), followed by Jordan (85 percent), the Palestinian Authority (80 percent), Kuwait (72 percent), Lebanon (65 percent), Indonesia (58 percent) and Pakistan (57 percent).
  • So this is a movie in which Miley Stinkvirus and the idea of sex coexist, which is about as unpleasant as movies get these days.
  • When you look at the diverse group of people; the antique cars group, the street rodders, the muscle car people, the pro-streets, the low-riders, the rat rodders, and the custom car people, you quickly see that all forms of automotive self - expression coexist at all age levels.


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