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What is the meaning of cogent in Hindi?

Meaning of cogent in Hindi is : बलवान

Definition of word cogent

  • Reasonable and convincing; based on evidence. (adjective)
  • Appealing to the intellect or powers of reasoning. (adjective)
  • Forcefully persuasive. (adjective)

Examples of word cogent

  • You speak with a clear voice and in cogent paragraphs, and make a great case for our progressive causes.
  • Now that’s what I call a cogent argument reply thomas
  • Imagining a universe in which Seixon’s arguments are cogent is a cost-effective alternative to doing drugs … kinda like smoking Norwegian pot by proxy. see his responses pertaining to the downing street memo. btw, tripmaster, i almost went there in my post about wmds, but decided against it. somehow i just knew what his response was going to be.
  • Stephen Clark, those are not what I would call cogent legal arguments.
  • Professor Woodward dismisses me as "misinformed as well as uninformed about the relevant past," and yet relies entirely on my text in crafting a 2,500-word cogent summary, including quotes and descriptive scenes, of the personal and political history of Wallace and the Wallace family dating to Reconstruction.