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What is the meaning of cognition in Hindi?

Meaning of cognition in Hindi is : स‌ंज्ञान

Definition of word cognition

  • The process of knowing. (noun)
  • A result of a cognitive process. (noun)

Examples of word cognition

    • This is consistent with Wikipedia's definition: "The term cognition Latin: cognoscere, "to know", "to conceptualize" or "to recognize" refers to a faculty for the processing of information, applying knowledge, and changing preferences."
    • It should, however, be noted that there are similar difficulties in defining the term cognition Holyoak and Gordon 1984, p. 62, and, of course, rationality.
    • If there were any categories where blacks did better as a group, I think it would come down to comparability (i. e that cognition is not directly comparable because of different statistical strengths and weaknesses).
    • Behavior Therapy – encourage persons to behave differently can cause new changes in cognition
    • Bounded cognition is a huge problem for EMH — most people cannot actually grasp what is going on.