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What is the meaning of coiffed in Hindi?

Meaning of coiffed in Hindi is :

Definition of word coiffed

  • Simple past tense and past participle of coif. (verb)

Examples of word coiffed

  • Yeah, the new supes actor is quite the tall thin coiffed-looking she-man isn't he.
  • All dressed to impress, many of the girls wear tight jeans and flip-flops with painted toenails, some sporting gold jewelry and carefully coiffed hair, and others in designer basketball shoes and oversized T-shirts.
  • (For the uninitiated, "fresas" is a tapatio word for young, manicured, made up, primped, coiffed, fashionably dressed, pampered young ladies in the latest style clothing, with what appears to be 7 inch high heels.)
  • Who will protect the well-coiffed SNAGs (Sensitive New Age Guys) from injuring themselves when they all start carrying pocketknives?
  • There was a distinct difference in the culture and I noticed it immediately: more stiletto heels, coiffed hair, and looks up and down in the elevator.
  • Some of these folks are so well dressed and coiffed as to seem ready for movie stardom.
  • Franklin's success prompted the rumor that no wig-maker could now find a perruque big enough for the swollen head of the transatlantic man who, when it came to it, appeared in court "coiffed in his own scattered white locks" and without a sword on his hip.
  • Mostly because - like most of the genre - it's little more than a monthly instruction manual on how to be a well-coiffed nice-smelling, perfectly-accessorized, smartly-dressed narcissistic tool.
  • The curiously coiffed female hostess mediates between them all and ends up cooking everything and serving every table.