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What is the meaning of coil in Hindi?

Meaning of coil in Hindi is : वेष्ठन

Definition of word coil

  • Something wound in the form of a helix or spiral. (noun)
  • Common name for any intra-uterine contraceptive device (Abbreviation: IUD)—the first IUDs were coil-shaped. (noun)
  • A coil of electrically conductive wire through which electricity can flow. (noun)
  • To wind or reel e.g. a wire or rope into regular rings, often around a centerpiece. (verb)
  • To wind into loops (roughly) around a common center. (verb)
  • A noise, tumult, bustle, or turmoil. (noun)

Examples of word coil

  • Twist the object beyond recognition along the X - or Y-axis, or make the title coil out towards you along the Z - axis.
  • Please note as my friend Farrah did that the Tesla coil is surrounded by a Faraday cage.
  • The pickup coil is placed under, or near, any transformer-type telephone without being in physical contact with it.
  • Then a metal coil is placed there to prevent further damage from leaking blood.
  • The gold colored ignition coil is on my pickup today, and the valve covers were on my Fairlane, and are now on the rebuilt dune buggy shown on more of my dune buggy pages.


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