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What is the meaning of coin in Hindi?

Meaning of coin in Hindi is : सिक्का बनानेवाली

Definition of word coin

  • A piece of currency, usually metallic and in the shape of a disc, but sometimes polygonal, or with a hole in the middle. (noun)
  • A token used in a special establishment like a casino (also called a chip). (noun)
  • One of the suits of minor arcana in tarot, or a card of that suit. (noun)
  • to create coins. (verb)
  • to make up or invent, and establish (verb)

Examples of word coin

  • United States and England being the two great commercial and gold producing nations, speaking the same tongue, and having the same coinage, would make the coin and the _language of the coin_ of the world the same, the first great step toward a universal language.
  • The new Qin coin is inscribed simply with its weight, expressed in two Chinese characters ban liang.
  • I will admit that the coin is a bit busy for being the back of a quarter, but the Grizzly catching the fish is awesome.
  • In many civilizations debasing a coin is a very serious offense and punishable by death.
  • As ruthless hunters search for the stolen artifact, Gray Pierce discovers that the coin is the key to unlocking a plot that dates back to the Cold War and threatens the very foundation of humanity.


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